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Environmental & Project Management

Gen7 Environmental is capable of planning, overseeing, and implementing all environmental support required for large and small oil and gas facilities and projects. We are intimately aware of key activities, sequencing, time requirements and regulatory requirements and approval steps, allowing us to envision a project from concept to completion and/ or reclamation certification.

With Gen7 providing project management services around the environmental components of new and existing projects and infrastructure, we can effectively free up valuable client management time to focus on other pertinent responsibilities. Early involvement of our company can allow us to assist clients in designing solutions from the outset, rather than mitigating problems later on. We thrive on problem solving and are driven by turning complex projects into manageable environmental solutions. We care for the needs of the environment and its Regulators, so the Client doesn’t have to.

Project management services include:

  • Overview of regulatory requirements and environmental issues associated with a project;
  • Scope of work required to address these issues and requirements;
  • Cost‐estimates, work plan and schedule for the completion of work as per scope;
  • Ongoing communication with regulatory bodies as needed;
  • First Nation, stakeholder, and landowner consultation as needed;
  • Preparation and submission of all regulatory applications, reports, and paperwork; and
  • Reclamation planning and consideration;
  • Weed management planning and implementation;
  • For larger scale developments, we offer landscape level classification (land-use, vegetation, watercourse, wetland, habitat, etc.) and planning services,
  • Consistent updates, cost‐tracking, and mid‐project and/or final reports.