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Reclamation Planning & Certification

When resource extraction activities are complete, a site can and should return to its original state of productivity. Reclamation coaxes the environment towards the site’s pre‐disturbance state, and certification is provided by the regulator to indicate this process is well underway. Reclamation criteria and the application process are complicated, but Gen7 has the experience to navigate the process and assist you with closing the circle on developments.

Reclamation Services include:

  • Generation of a reclamation plan and cost‐estimate that utilizes industry best practices, and meets regulatory requirements;
  • Weed management planning and implementation to eliminate prohibited noxious weeds and control noxious weeds;
  • Design seed-mixes or planting prescriptions as needed;
  • First Nation, stakeholder, and landowner consultation as needed;
  • Securing contractors for reclamation work, noxious weed management and other specialty services that may be required;
  • Completion of Detailed Site Assessments to determine reclamation progress; and the,
  • Preparation and submission of the full reclamation application including review of all reclamation.